Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners of the Utama Spice Giveaway!!

Please join me in congratulating:

Moonsword who said that she likes natural products "because they are healthier for your body and for the planet."

Alba who said she likes natural products because she "trusts my expertise and research".  (Wow!  How sweet was that!), and

Jhall who likes natural products because "they are easier on [her] skin and she prefers supporting companies that put people and product quality first." 

Please email me at kheaman@cablespeed.com with your shipping information and I will pass along to Utama Spice.  Then get ready to enjoy some great products!!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Product Giveaway: Utama Spice

You know when you open a really great skin care product. Visually it's beautiful, the smell is heavenly, and it feels rich and luxurious on your skin. This was my experience recently when I opened a box of skin care products from Utama Spice.  I picked the box up at the post office and it filled my care with the most wonderful aroma.  Even my 2 year old was asking me what was in the box. 

Utama Spice is a Balinese based, mostly skin care company.  I should say a skin healing company as they have focused their business on reviving ancient Balinese medicinal herbal knowledge.  According to Utama, "every ingredient that goes into our recipes is of the highest of quality and maintain all of their healing properties. We use no binders, preservatives, or synthetics in our products and all of our essential oils that we use to create our unique aromas are the finest available to us."  I love this philosophy.  In addition to the purity of their products, they maintain a fair trade approach and are working to empower and encourage local farmers to grow the ingredients they use in their products.  Click here to read more press about their slavery free/free trade approach. 

They have MANY products to choose from but they sent me a few to review.  These included four different lip balms, two of their body butters, a bar soap, and a package of their incense.  I will just start by saying that I loved each and every item I tried.  Each item is so very simple; but healing to the skin; and they smell GREAT! 

They have a wide array of products and there is no way I could do each one justice in just one blog post.  Take a minute and browse their selection of bath and shower items, essential oils, hair care, household items, hydrating body mist, massage oils (these are in beautiful bottles), moisturizers, and traditional scrubs and masks

Aloe, coconut oil, and beeswax form the base of many of their products, but from there the sky is the limit.  They have so many wonderful herbs, oils, spices and other natural ingredients it's like looking at a recipe card for a delicious meal.  Check out their ingredients page which not only lists their ingredients, but also tells you the therapeutic benefit of each.  I loved browsing this page. 
All in all, I was very impressed with this company, both the quality of their product and the passion behind what they do. 

You can purchase their products for yourself at http://www.utamaspicebali.com/.  While you are at it check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UtamaSpiceBali or Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/UtamaSpice.

As a special treat, Utama Spice is offering our readers a GIVEAWAY.  To enter this giveaway leave a comment telling us why you like natural products better than conventional products.  THREE lucky winners will receive a sample of Utama Spice body lotion, bath salt, body scrub, lip balm, and bar soap.  Can I just tell you how lucky those three winners will be!!  We will leave this open until July 15th - get your comments in!!


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