BioEnergetic Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluation:
     Initial Evaluation: ($120) Assess the entire body's organs and systems to determine imbalances.  Receive customized solutions that address your body's specific needs. 
     Follow-Up Evaluation: ($60) Continue to address imbalances at a deeper level until all are resolved and a Healthy Maintenance Program can begin. 

Allergy Testing: ($50)
     Food Sensitivities: Assess your body's food sensitivities and receive a customized program to relieve allergic stressors.
     Environmental Sensitivities: Assess your body's environmental senstivities (pollen, mold, dander, etc) and receive a customized program to relieve allergic stressors. 

Customized Tests: ($40) Testing for specific areas of concern, i.e. skin, joint pain, headaches.

Bach Flower Emotional Remedy Testing: ($40) Constitutional remedy testing with imprinting of specific flowers.

Healthy Maintenance Program: ($40) Have you ever wondered if you need to be on a probiotic, or how much of a mineral supplement you actually need?  Take the guesswork our of your supplementary regime and save money. 

For your convenience, a protocol of practioner-grade homeopathics and nutritionals will be recommended and may be purchased and shipped directly to your home. 

You can book an appointment with Karla Heaman, RN by calling 734.417.1339 or emailing  Appointments can be in person upstairs in the Wellness Medspa at Natural View Market, 128 West Main Street, Brighton, Michigan 48116; OR testing can be done remotely by sending a hair or saliva sample to 9413 North Rushton Road, South Lyon MI 48178. 
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