Friday, June 22, 2012

Congratulations to the Winner of our Revitalize Organics Giveaway

...and the winner is All Natural Katie. Please email us your name and address as soon as possible. Send email to Karla Heaman at Thanks to all that participated and to Revitalize Organics for their wonderful products.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Product Giveaway: Revitalize Organics

Is there anything better than purchasing beautifully crafted organic soap products to use on your skin? Actually there's knowing that when you purchase these beautiful products, the company will make a donation of the same products to one of 7 very worthy charities.  Have you ever heard of such a wonderful thing?  

Revitalize Organics is a wonderful skin care company started by a spa owner in my home state of Michigan.  They use all organic products and have a wonderful assortment of shower gel, castile soap, hand soap, baby wash and pet shampoo.  The first three are blended with pure essential oils into 18 different essential oil blends.  (Definitely something for everyone!) 

I had the privelege of testing three of their products and I was very impressed!  I reviewed their Get Up and Go Go Energizing Shower Gel, Castile Soap, and Hand Soap. 


The Get Up and Go Go is a very energizing scent which I immediately loved.  It has rosemary and bergamot oils in it.  All of their soaps are made with castile soap or saponified oils of coconut, olive and jojoba which are very mild on your skin, yet super cleansing.  They point out on their website that their soaps are tough enough for household cleaning, but gentle enough for everyday use on your skin.  I love that these soaps were created by spa owners who obviously care about the effect their cleansing agents have on skin.  Their philosphy is "care for yourself and others." 

I also love that they took the time to create a baby wash and a pet shampoo.  Both ingredient decks are as pure and gentle for the more delicate skin of a baby or pet as their other products.  They even added some aloe which is great for delicate skin. 

As a special treat, Revitalize Organics has offered to do a Product Giveaway for our readers.  They are offering one lucky reader a set of the Get Up and Go Go Shower Gel, Castile Soap. and Hand Soap.  Leave a comment below to enter yourself for a chance to win.  For an additional chance to win, check out their website and leave another comment telling me which of their yummy aromatherapy blends is your fave.  I will choose one lucky winner on Thursday, June 21st.  


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simple Thought For Today

We are all perfectly imperfect!

Think about that for a few minutes today and show yourself a little grace...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Freshmaker Wipes

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Freshmaker's Fruit Wet Wipes and I really love their product!

You know what I like about these wipes? 
  • They have 4 very fun scents (apple, strawberry, melon and mango, and tropic). 
  • They are alcohol-free and they are free of the really harsh chemicals that most wipes contain. 
  • They come in small packages of 15 wipes - this is so nice for a mom of 3 kids like me who already has too much stuff to carry around in her purse.  
  • They actually clean!!
  • They are very affordable!
You can purchase these wipes on Amazon and soon they will be available in larger retail stores like Walgreens, CVS, and the Dollar Tree.  Make these fun little wipes a part of your summer purse/bag/beach/outing necessities.  

Check out and like their Freshmaker's Facebook Page at!/FreshmakerFruitWetWipes

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healthy Life Deals: Coupons and Deals for Healthy Foods

I just stumbled on a new blog that I wanted to pass along.  I've been a subscriber to  Common Sense With Money for a long time and find great coupons and online deals.  Recently they ran a post about the best deals at Trader Joe's with printable coupons written by the author of Healthy Life DealsThis blog is devoted to finding coupons, freebies and deals on good food.  Check them out and subscribe!! 

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