Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lemon Water

I have been thinking about internal cleansing a lot lately...not exactly sure why, but I think between everyday stresses and the busy social life I have had lately, I feel the need to clean out and revitalize. One of the simple ways to help your body feel clean and refreshed is to drink a lukewarm glass of lemon water right away each morning. I started doing this a while back and actually wake up some mornings craving it.

Apart from being an amazing body alkalizer, lemon water also gives the following health benefits:

  • Lemons are antiseptic
  • Lemon water has excellent digestive properties and can ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion problems
  • Lemon water cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys
  • Lemon juice contains calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Lemon juice has been known to relieve asthma
  • Lemon water (hot) offers relief from cold and flu symptoms while providing some much needed Vitamin C
  • Lemon juice is a great skin cleanser

So if you do not do anything else - start every single day with a glass of lovely lemon water!

Note: Unless you are really scrubbing your lemons or using only organic, don't let your lemon float in the water. You risk drinking more chemicals and pesticides that way. Try to just squeeze it into your water.

- Shannan

Sources: Energise Alkaline Diet & Nutrition


Hanlie said...

I swear by this! It's such a great way to start the day...

Mark said...

I just started this because of a "Food Matters" detox program. I'm off the program but will continue the lemon water..! :-)

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