Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to Living A Whole Life...

It's been way to long...I know.  I had my third child almost 2 years ago.  I always planned to someday get back to blogging when time freed up a bit, but wow 2 years have flown by (and for all you other moms...time has not freed up)!  :)  Somehow - without my help, this blog has continued to grow and double in size.   Add to that a lot of recent requests to review some fun, new products (it's like Christmas for me when they show up on my porch) and it looks like I'm back!  

I've kept busy on my own these last two years.  Of course 3 kids would be my biggest project,
but I've continued working part-time in a busy neo-natal intensive care.  I've continued my study of naturopathy with the focus in herbs, homeopathy, nutrition aromatherapy, and yoga.  
Moroccan Method

In the last few months, I've had the blessing of purchasing and Avatar EAV and training to do BioEnergetic Assessments or Electrodermal Screening.  I'm very excited about this as it combines so many aspects of naturopathy that I love!  (Here is a link for those not familiar with this technology...  I can do this remotely too if anyone is interested...hint/wink!

Wayfare Foods

I've brought along another friend in Tina Stone. (You saw her first post here). Tina is a talented (can I say Very Talented) herbalist. She grows/wild-harvests many herbs; creates her own tinctures; and makes just about all of her own household products. I know her posts will have tons of useful information and please feel free to send her your questions!

Super Body Care

Anyway, thanks so much for continueing to read and support our a treat, stay tuned for some great product reviews and our favorite...GIVEAWAYS!!  I'm not going to tell you
what is coming up...(but check out the pictures on this post for hints!!)
Healing Essence

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