Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homeopathy Basics

I had a really interesting and refreshing week last week. A bunch of small things came together and inspired me on my journey to living more holistically. The first exciting thing was a visit to my OB where we (the kids and I) got to see a little glimpse of the newest member of the family. It's always breathtaking to see that new little life that is so small that I'm not always even aware he or she is there - except for the constant nausea and tiredness. I tried to scan the picture to share with all of you, it's a little dark. L. my daughter wrote the little message on the bottom. Priceless.

The next cool thing was meeting my new doctor who is an MD but also trained in many alternative health fields. She has a background in Homeopathy and is currently training in Acupuncture. We had such a great discussion on nutrition and she thoroughly checked my hormones. I shared with her that I'm not a fan of medication and even supplementation - that I would really like to eat better and heal my body nutritionally when possible. She was very supportive of that. I'm going to have her follow me from now on prenatally as I really would love to tap her expertise in nutrition and alternative health throughout this pregnancy. For those of you who live in Michigan. Her name is Dr. Caroline King. She works through the Briarwood Family Medicine Integrative Health and Wellness Clinic.

Next I found a new cookbook that I'm really loving and can't wait to start sharing some new recipes. It's called The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook: Whole Foods to Nourish Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women - and Their Families by Cathe Olson. This book isn't just for pregnancy, breastfeeding, or even just for vegetarians. There are so many great nourishing, simple recipes for people of all ages. I'll share some favorites next week!

Then to end the week I attended a great Holistic Mom's Network meeting on the topic of Homeopathy. (If you read often, you know I'm a huge fan of using homeopathics for healing). Kathleen Slonager, a certified homeopath, gave a wonderful, informative talk on basic homeopathy and how to use various remedies. At the end there was a drawing for a donated basket of homeopathics and I WON! I was so excited to take my beautiful basket of goodies home. These were all donated by Boiron and I'm very excited to have them. I thought I would share the contents of the basket with you. I'm not sure if any of you are interested in using homeopathy for healing, but having a basic kit with the following items is a good place to start. Many purists in homeopathy believe that there is one remedy for every person and the multiple remedy kits you find in the drug store shouldn't be used. I was happy to hear Kathleen tell us that for basic, acute conditions these remedy kits are fine and very successful. If you are suffering from something that is more chronic it's better to call a homeopath like Kathleen and get some professional help to find just the right remedy. For at home use, here are some great things to have around.

  • Calendula Lotion and Calendula Ointment: This is a great natural healing lotion for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

  • Bitecare Gel: Soothes and heals insect bites.

  • Arnica Gel: Great for quick healing and relief from minor injuries and bruising. Also good for tired and sore muscles.

  • Optique 1: Relieves minor eye irritation due to fatigue or airborne irritants such as ragweed, other pollens or dust.

  • Summer First Aid Kit: Contains Apis for insect bites; Arnica for minor injuries and bruises; and Nux Vomica for indigestion.

  • Sportenine: This a great one for all of you athletes. It is a remedy designed to help with muscle fatigue and cramps after intense workouts. I love it!

  • Allergy Care Kit: For all you allergy sufferers, this kit contains Apis for itchy allergies; Galphimia for hay fever; and Histaminum for allergies in general.

  • Sabadil: These tabs are also for relief of hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies, itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, itchy yes and watery eyes.
  • Easy Guide To Homeopathy With Therapeutic Index: I would also recommend having this pamphlet by Boiron around for reference. For only $1.50, it's very helpful when quickly searching for what to use.

Remember Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses natural substances in micro-doses to relieve symptoms. They stimulate your body to heal itself naturally without suppressing symptoms.

Leave me a comment in the comments section letting me know which homeopathic remedies are your favorites.

Hope you are all having a great week!



Living A Whole Life said...

Nice post Karla...cute baby!!!

Hanlie said...

How exciting! I'm glad you found a doctor who understands where you're coming from and what you're aiming to achieve and is willing to work with you towards that. That is so important.

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