Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And The Winner is...

It's like presenting at the Oscars! :)

It's time to announce the winner of Living A Whole Life's first giveaway. All the names went into a hat and Karla's daughter L. picked a name. That winner is....


Whoo Hoo! Way to go Ellen

Ellen, send us your address and let us know what colors you would like your decorative straws. You can email us at

Thanks to everyone for your participation and for the great comments and ideas for future posts. We can't wait to get started writing about some of your areas of interest!

Karla and Shannan


daedra said...

yay Ellen!!
Let me know what colors you'd prefer or let my imagination go wild in making them!!

Sarah said...

Woo hoo for Ellen!

Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Girls, I am so excited.... you can't know really how much I will truly enjoy these glass straws. Back in *another life* I was a stained glass artist, something I had to give up a few years ago. I love the medium of glass, hot or flat I don't care! It's the way the light plays on it and thru it at the same time... how it comes alive and changes with movement and the time of day. Even the textures suggest a life within each piece...

Daedra, I love florals, and I know anything you come up with will be gorgeous. The only colors I really stay away from are orange, fluorescents, or anything super bright. I can't wait to see them and use them, hoping maybe I've found my next *en mass* Christmas gift to order for 2009!!

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