Monday, February 9, 2009

Children's Vitamins

As much as we would all love it if our kids ate perfectly, it just doesn't happen so a children's vitamin is my way of making sure my girls get what they need. We recently ran out of vitamins so I started looking around for something new and different. I still remember our pediatrician recommending Flintstone vitamins when the girls were toddlers. I knew there had to be something better.

After reading all of the bottles at Whole Foods, I decided on the Rainbow Light Kid's One MultiStars. It has a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well as herbs to prevent stomach upset and Vegetable Juice - Kale, Spinach, Dandelion Greens and Beet, equivalent to 50 mg vegetable powder. (another example of 'Sneaky Nutrition') They also contain no lactose, gluten or allergenic yeast.

Rainbow Light has been around for 25 years and prides themselves on being the creator of the first ever food-based one-per-day multivitamin. They describe how they formulate as:

Rainbow Light supplements deliver maximum absorption & are customized to effectively meet a wide range of nutritional needs!

Science-based potencies & ratios
Bioavailable nutrient forms
Absorption-activating co-nutrients
Plant-source enzymes
Energizing whole foods
Clinically-proven botanicals

Now the real scoop. The Kid's One Multi-Stars are sort of grayish in color and shaped like stars with sungalsses. The girls think they taste fine. They don't rave about the taste, but they certainly don't fight me in regard to eating them.

I can't help but feel better knowing that they are getting all of their vitamins and minerals plus some greens from food-based sources without all of the sugar, artificial flavors and colors that many of the more mainstream children's vitamins contain.

- Shannan


Jaci Struwe said...

You are so spot on. Getting kids to eat right is one of the biggest struggles of raising them.

Healthy & Green on the Cheap said...

My daughter is currently using a liquid multivitamin by Natrol. I think it's a good quality vitamin, and I trust the brand, but it doesn't have the broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals that Rainbow Light has. Unfortunately, I don't believe they make a liquid. Do you know of a good liquid? I'm particularly hoping for something with sea vegetable-based iodine, since that's one of those things that just doesn't make it into our diets every single day. Having some thyroid issues in my family, this concerns me.

Living A Whole Life said...


Did you see the Rainbow Light infant/children's multivitamin powder? (

Doesn't look like it has the sea veggie-based iodine, but it can be added to formula or other drink for kids up to age 4. Not sure what age we are talking.

I will keep my eye out for other liquids and the iodine.


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