Friday, February 13, 2009

Jamba Juice

I took the kids and went out to Arizona for 2 weeks to spend some time with my husband who has been working out there quite a bit this winter. While there, I didn't have my blender for smoothies and I couldn't use my new juicer to make fresh raw juice. After a few days of this, I started to really miss my smoothies and fresh juice and felt a little like a junkie going through withdrawal. I started to venture out to see what I could find locally. I found this really cool place called Jamba Juice where the kids and I could get fresh, raw juice and delicious smoothies in many varieties.

Jamba Juice seemed to be quite popular in the Phoenix area and I thought it might just be a local thing, but I checked out their website and they are popping up in many states, mostly in bigger cities. What a fantastic idea. It's like fast-food for us health nuts. Finally! When traveling, busy, or on the run and hungry for some real nutrition you can pop in and get some fresh, raw juice; several types of quality smoothies; organic granola; and even steel-cut oatmeal with fruit topping.

Their menu includes several different types of smoothies including all fruit (no sugar, no dairy); smoothies with yogurt, soymilk, or even organge sherbert for a little treat. Some of their offered smoothies can even be blended with a "boost" and these boosts include soy or whey protein, vitamins, minerals, flaxseed, fiber, botanicals, all-natural plant extracts, and plant sterols. Wow! Two different daily shots are offered on the menu. One is a green tea powder (Matcha Energy) with orange juice or soymilk and the other is a 100% pure wheatgrass shot. Talk about a place to stop and fuel up.

Jamba offers catering, pickup, and delivery at most locations. What a great thing to bring to your next office function or conference.

I was also impressed to find out that they are very passionate about children and getting children physically fit. They offer charitable donations and sponsorship to organizations that share their passions and they get involved at the community level building running tracks and playgrounds, cleaning up beaches, and helping restore neighborhoods. They offer fundraising in two different ways. They can bring smoothies to you with 20% of the proceeds given back to your organization or you can bring a group to them and 20% of the purchase will go back to your group. Check out their fundraising and events page for more information.

Check out their location page and see if there is a Jamba Juice near you! I'm just sad that they haven't found their way to Michigan yet. Maybe soon...



SUPER DIVA said...

Did you know that Jamba Juice was founded here on the Central Coast by some young entrepreneurs–San Luis Obispo! Great place, and I recommend it in my book!

Living A Whole Life said...

I did not know that, but I'm not surprised. I hope the idea catches on and they spread throughout the US.


Kristen's Raw said...

Hope you enjoyed Arizona and the awesome weather :)


Hanlie said...

We have a similar franchise here in South Africa - Kauai - founded by some American expats. They're great and can even be found in the bigger fitness clubs now.

Fast food for healthy people is certainly the way to go and my husband and I are looking into buying a franchise.

Healthy & Green on the Cheap said...

Jamba Juice is all over California, which is where I've visited them most often. When I was working in NYC a few years ago, they opened up a Jamba Juice around the corner from my office by Bryant Park. So, it's getting to be a nation-wide thing.

There's another similar, though not as good, franchise in the South called Smoothie King.

Lots of local coffee and tea houses are now offering healthy smoothies in a similar vein. Maybe there's one of those in Michigan (I'm guessing Ann Arbor)!

Beth said...

I LOVE Jamba Juice. I wish they had them in Michigan.

Sarah said...

The only thing I'd be concerned about is the thought that you can have one of these as a "healthy snack" and continue to eat full meals through the rest of the day. Some of those smoothies have upwards of 900 calories! Most of them seem to have around 3-400, but just because it's fruity doesn't always mean it's healthy!

I found a site that shares the calorie numbers of Jamba Juice smoothies here:

Living A Whole Life said...

Hey Kristen! I did enjoy Arizona's weather. It was a nice break from winter.

Hey Hanlie! Best of luck with buying a franchise! If Shannan and I were smart...we would jump on something like that! :)

Hello Healthy and Green...lucky you that you have one right around the corner. Many of the coffee shops here offer smoothies, but you have to watch as they add so much sugar and whip cream that it isn't really even healthy when you are done.

Hello Beth! I didn't realize you were here in Michigan too!

Hey Sarah! Even more than the calories...I was interested in what they put in the smoothies. They run from just fruit all the way to adding orange sherbet. The fruit ones are close to what we make here at home and were nice to feed the kids on the go. Nothing wrong with a little sherbet once in awhile, but not every day. Their raw juices were nice too when I didn't have my juicer handy. Like anything, you have to be careful and watch what you are actually consuming.


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