Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kicking My Sugar Addiction

If you have been following me on Twitter for the past week, you know that I have given up sugar for Lent. It started last Wednesday which makes today my 8th day avoiding foods with refined sugar and a high sugar content. I am eating fruit which does contain fructose, a naturally occuring sugar, but which also provides many health benefits/nutrients. So, no candy, ice cream, cookies, etc. (I don't drink soda, but if I did that too would be a big no-no.) I am proud to say it has not been as hard as I thought it would be. I am hoping to turn my Lent into Life. I figure that if I can kick sugar for 40 days, I should be over my cravings and have changed my mental need for a treat.

The following is the link to a post written by a 'web' friend of ours named Hanlie on her blog fertilehealthy. It contains a wealth of information on why we should all kick the sugar habit.

Wish me luck - Shannan


Colleen/FoodieTots said...

Good for you. I'll be following along for inspiration, as I really need to do the same!

Hanlie said...

I am so impressed with you! You're really doing great, and yes, after 40 days you may as well continue...

Thanks for the link! That's so sweet (in a healthy, natural way).

Kristen's Raw said...

You go girl!!! That's so awesome :)


kilax said...

I am on the same Lenten journey and hoping it turns into a long-time thing as well. I still have some work to do - I've gotta get rid of the processed bars and crackers!

- kilax

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