Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Body Ami: Apple Cider Vinegar on a Whole New Level

Recently, through the crazy medium of Twitter, I came into contact with Beverly Parenti of Body Ami. She has a some wonderful products that I really think you should all try. It's such a great idea...flavored apple cider vinegars.

Many swear by taking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day for it's many health benefits. These include:
  • better digestion and assimilation

  • better elimination

  • prevents infection and increases immune system

  • helps remove toxins

  • natural allergy relief

  • quicker healing fom coughs and colds

  • promotes pH balance

  • rich in nutrients, minerals and enzymes

  • and of course increased metabolism and greater success with weight loss.

Body Ami has more great health benefits and testimonials listed on their website. They even have a Facebook page where many have written in testimonials or sent video clips to watch. Cool!

The one really big dis-satisfier with apple cider vinegar seems to be the strong taste. Body Ami has found a wonderful solution to this problem. They blend their organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with super fruit juices and honey. Some of the choices include acai berry, goji berry, currant, pomegranete, and mangosteen. Don't those sound delicious not to mention incredibly nutritious. This is a wonderful idea.

Beverly sent me a trial size sample of Body Ami. For the last week my husband and I have been enjoying Currant Honey Apple Cider Vinegar. I mix a few teaspoons with water in my stainless steel water bottle and sip on it throughout the day. I really love it and I feel so energized throughout the day. I love that my body is getting so many enzymes and minerals and detoxing in the process. I'm trying to decide which flavor I want to try next!

I had the opportunity to chat with Beverly on the phone last week and found her to be a wonderful, sweet person with a great story of how she came to create Body Ami. Her grandmother who lived to the ripe age of 98 gave her apple cider vinegar as a child for sore throats, to ease sunburn pain, and etc. As an adult, a friend re-introduced her to the healing benefits of apple cider vinegar but she found the taste difficult to overcome. When suggesting apple cider vinegar as a remedy to friends and family, again taste was always an obstacle. Beverly decided to experiment with adding super fruit juices to apple cider vinegar to improve flavor and nutrition, but not lose the efficacy of the product. Her apple cider vinegar is organic, unpasteurized, and unfiltered with the only the finest fruit juices and honey added and bottled in Napa Valley.

Do me a favor today...let's show Beverly some internet love! Here is your to do list.

  1. Check out Body Ami's website and while you are there grab your free trial size Body Ami product.
  2. Check out Body Ami on Twitter and follow her updates.
  3. Have a wonderful day!


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Living A Whole Life said...

This sounds very interesting to me. I just ordered my free trial. Can't wait to try it!
- Shannan

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