Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering your Reusable Bags

I wholeheartedly believe in using reusable bags. I want to use them. I own several. I actually feel like a better person when I remember them...

The problem is remembering them. At my house they are usually sitting in the garage right outside of the backdoor. They are there because I have actually used them, unloaded groceries and then set them there. It is when I am standing in the checkout line at the store and remember that they are all still sitting next to the backdoor in the garage that I really get frustrated. Not only am I not helping the environment when I forget them, I am adding to the pile of plastic I need to remember to take back to the store to recycle and I am missing out on the .5 cents (some stores give .10 cents) per bag that my grocery store gives me when I use my own. The thing is .5 or .10 cents would never normally move me to do much, but I do love knowing that the store is paying ME to use my own bag.

So how to remember my bags EVERY time I head to the store. Here are a few ways others try to remember their bags.

  • Keep the bags in your car. (Note: this is my favorite method but I think I will need to put a note on my dashboard to grab the bags as I go into the store.)

  • Keep the bags on a hook near your door.

  • Keep a note on your door to "Remember your bags"

  • Purchase a bag that is small enough to hook on your keychain.

  • Purchase bags that can be rolled up and carried in your purse.

  • Use a large bag that is fashionable to carry everywhere.

  • If you forget your bags, make yourself purchase another one instead of using disposable. (This might work, there is a consequence. If I am motived by the .5 or .10 cent rebate, I should be discouraged by having to pay .99 cents for a new bag.)

And last but not least, check out this YouTube video by a British comedian, Tim Minchin about 'taking your canvas bags.' Maybe you can get the catchy tune stuck in your head as a reminder.

Please feel free to share any other methods that work for you!

Good luck and happy shopping,



Hanlie said...

I also own several and the minute I've unpacked them, I put them back in the trunk of my car (there's an entrance from the garage into the kitchen, so it's not a mission). Stores in South Africa don't give away free plastic bags - you have to buy them. But it's not about the money, it's about the waste. I love my reusable bags and feel very virtuous using them!

Evelyn said...

Good pointers! I usually have them in the car and then I forget to get them out (duhh)..Great post!

P.S. Thanks for reminding me to use my bags. :)

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

We have the same problem!! I keep our bags on a hook right by the door to the garage, so I pass them to get to the car and STILL sometimes forget them. For awhile we left them in the car but that got to be a hassle when we had other things to load. A note on the door is a good idea, I'll have to try that :)

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