Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Holiday Giveaway: Warm, Snuggly, Zkano Organic Socks

Awhile back I got a wonderful little care package full of the most wonderful socks from the makers of Zkano Organic Socks. They are a small, family owned company situated in Alabama that make their socks from 100% certified organic ring-spun cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals or toxins. All of their products are made here in the states. They are committed to providing a high quality, durable, comfortable, organic sock for consumers.

How do they feel? Really great! I've been wearing my Zkano socks around for a couple of weeks now, and they are very soft and comfortable. They also wash very well and don't lose their size, shape, or elasticity. I would highly recommend these wonderful socks!

Check out their nice selection of men's and women's socks today. They have a nice variety of crew, mini-crew and sports socks. They offer shades of natural or white.

Gina at Zkano has kindly offered a 7 pair starter pack of Zkano Organic Socks to one of our lucky readers. Just leave me a comment in the comments section below and include your email address so we can contact you if you win. (If you don't want to leave your email address just make sure you check back later this week when I post the winner).



Megan Williams said...

these sound cozy! my feet are always cold - these sound great :-)

as always, thanks for sharing with the hmn mamas!


Earthgrlie said...

Warm socks..and they're organic! Sounds good to me!

Chicago Walsh Family Blog said...

This might be the perfect solution for my husband's feet. Almost all socks / shoes made from non-natural materials give him issues. Cool product! Thanks for sending!

Nikki said...

these socks look so cozy for my big, pregnant feet... the blog is great! found you through the HMN national email loop.

mom2rian said...

I am all about socks..I change them several times a day ( I find myself walking outside with no shoes) and these look great.

ikkinlala said...

I'd love to enter, please, if Canadians may.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Liz said...

I got a pair of organic socks for hubby's Christmas stocking, and would love to compare to another brand! Please enter me in the drawing!

liz at organicandhealthy dot com

Christina said...

Sounds so cozy!

Agnes said...

i love comfy socks!

Amber said...

This sounds perfect, for some reason one adult task I've never been able to get a handle on is knowing where my socks are.

Mom&BabyChiro said...

These socks sound amazing!! And I'm soo ready for a few new pairs. Thanks for sharing!

professionalmama said...

Organic socks sound great!

Laura said...

I just love made in the USA - and organic, too!

Honeychka said...

They look cozy and soft!


Jayneg said...

If there was ever a time to share a spoof song I wrote many, many years ago, It is here & now. Sung to the tune of "I want your s3x" by George Michael:

Socks are things you put,
on your feet.
You can wear them when you're cold,
or out in the street.
Socks are made of polyester,
cotton, silk or lace.
But just don't try to eat them,
cause they really have a horrendous taste.

I swear I won't beat them,
or pull out the threads.
Try not to stretch them,
or rip them to shreds.
I've been waiting so long babe,
to try new ones on.
But a man's got his favorites,
that he likes to darn.

I want your socks.
I want your socks.
I want your socks.
I want your...socks.

Well I like em in blue or red,
purple, black or green.
but I really love the ones,
that can easily be seen.
Well I wear them twice a day,
And sometimes supplies get low.
But when you tell me that I can't get more,
then I tell you that I need them,
but you still say no.


They're natural,
They're dyeable,
they're made of wool.
but most of all,
one size fits all.

Socks are things that everybody wears,
Socks are things that come in pairs.

Socks are darnable,
socks are good.
Not everybody washes em,
but everybody should.
Socks are things that you can pick,
you can even wear one on your... head!
Socks are natural,
socks are fun.

Socks get lost,
one by one...
one by one...

I need a podiatrist.
I need a chiropodist.
I need a psychiatrist.
I need em now!


pu,pu,pu,pu,pu, put them on!

What's your definition of dirty baby?
When do you consider doing laundry?
Don't you know I love to play footsie baby?
Don't you think it's time you gave socks to me?
What's your definition of dirty baby?
What do you call holes on your feet?
Don't you know I love to play footsie baby?
Don't you think it's time you gave socks...to...me?
Gave socks to me...
Socks to me...
Socks to me...

pu,pu,pu,pu,pu, put them on!

I want your socks!!!


Jayneg said...

So what I was really saying was:

I'd love to enter the drawing for the free socks, and thank you for reaching out to te HMN network!!!

Hoped you liked and laughed at my song ;)


Luke said...

Wow, these socks sound great! I would love to try a pair!

christina said...

There's 14 feet walking around my house. I need socks that don't stink.

gina said...

Thank you for the offer. I would like to be entered in the drawing.

My email is babygsvintagetees@gmail.com

Thanks so much...found you through HMN.

Kristen's Raw said...

Those sound great!

lwjones68 said...

I'd like to be entered to win the organic socks. I live in the area where they are made. I'm really proud she is doing something good with her family's mill when most are closing down because production is cheaper overseas.

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