Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skoy Cloth Giveaway

Speaking of eco-friendly is one from one of my new favorite eco-friendly companies. Skoy cloths have offered to give two of our readers a free package of their awesome absorbable, bio-degradeable, and natural multi-use cloths.

Skoy cloths are made from a natural cotton and wood based cellulose pulp. When tested they broke down completely within 5 weeks making them an incredibly green-bio-degradable product. Using these cloths to clean up around the house replaces the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels. They can be used with your favorite cleaners or with just water. As Skoy points out on their website, with paper towels averaging around $2.00 a roll, they are also much more economical!

These towels will last months and can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine. You can also zap them in the microwave (make sure they are wet) to prevent bacterial growth.

To win a 4 pack of these for yourself, leave a comment in the comments section by Friday, December 18th and be sure to include your email if you want us to contact you if you win. Otherwise, check back later next week and I will announce the winner. Good Luck!!
By the way, don't you just love the adorable flower design on them - so cute!



Heart & Sohl Photography said...

Wow! This product looks amazing. I would love some. Is this where I post? If not, please let me know where else I need to go!

Heart & Sohl Photography

kstrange said...

Oh these clothes look great. What a great way to reduce using throw away clothes.


Megan Williams said...

i have a few of these - they are great! would love to give a few to my mom to try :-) she is a chronic paper towel user!

thanks for sharing with hmn!


Jen said...

Loved your blog. Readers might also be interested in another article I found, about beauty and dry eyes. It can be found here at this website:

mom2rian said...

these are very cool :)

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