Monday, December 15, 2008

Sinus Rinse

For the past two years it seems that everytime I get a cold it turns into a sinus infection. By my last visit to the doctor for yet another antibiotic, I asked what I could do to curb this cycle out of pure desperation. The doctor really didn't offer any solutions, but the nurse returned to the room a few minutes later and suggested using a sinus rinse/netty pot as she does.

I have to say I was a little grossed out by the thought of rinsing my nasal passages, but I was willing to give it a shot. So, I headed to my local Walgreens and found the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit. The kit includes a special bottle and 50 premixed packets of nasal rinse made of USP Grade (99.9% pure) Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture (pH Balanced, Isotonic & Preservative & Iodine Free). It also comes with directions which I read thoroughly before attempting the rinse. Once you have the bottle you can just purchase a 100 pack of the premixed packets.

The first couple times I tried this, I can't say I liked the feeling. It was basically like getting water up your nose when you are swimming. But, once I perfected my water temperature (you want it on the warm side, but not hot), I became addicted.

Now, I rinse everyday in the shower and have not had to go as far as getting an antibiotic since I started this ritual. This doesn't mean I have gone cold free, but I have been able to get over it on my own which I think is great!

Happy rinsing, Shannan


Kristen's Raw said...

That's great! My mom loves hers, too. She bought her tools at Whole Foods.

I've tried it a few times and I'm still in the "water up my nose - eeww!" stage. Fortunately, I don't have too many sinus problems but if the time should come, I'm committed to perfecting the netty pot routine.


mary said...

I have asmtha,I am always sick in the winter & fall. I had pneumonia in Oct, been on & off antibiotics since. My life was miserable with coughing,infections,short of breath,etc. Nothing was working I am trying anything with no luck. My ribs were always hurting from coughing. I was tried from not being able to sleep.My husband heard about this on the radio.I was trying to get gas in my car while I was coughing and having trouble breathing. I went next store to drug store and bought the sinus rinse. Within 3 days of trying sinus rinse I have had no problem. I heard about this last year but I thought it was gross. What a easy fix. I still have asmtha but no infection goes to my lungs. I am so lucky my husband looked out for me.

Shannan and Karla said...

That is wonderful Mary. It is amazing how something so simple can provide such great results!
- Shannan

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I went to CVS and picked one of these up. Tried it today, and I think it really helped! Sinuses feel much more clear and post nasal drip reduced already. I'm going to keep it up!

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