Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start Strong

I truly look at every new day as a fresh start when it comes to diet and exercise. As I find my way through this transition to a healthier whole food diet, I experience downfalls on certain days or certain times of the day.

It takes time to incorporate new habits into your everyday life and eating is a huge part of our daily routine. Where am I at? Well, I start each day strong with a healthy breakfast, go to the gym, have my green smoothie right when I get home and eat a healthy lunch. It is the afternoon that tends to be a problem for me. That is when I want something sweet and will make poor choices (like digging into the leftover Halloween candy). By dinnertime I am usually back on track since I planned for that meal earlier in the day.

So what is the solution? If you have a difficult time of the day like I do, we all know that planning a not-so-bad snack is the key. That is my goal for next week. I need to find a few things that will satisfy my sweet tooth without blowing my whole day.

There was a time when I would have beat myself up or felt very depressed for falling off the diet or exercise wagon, but that just isn't productive. If you are having a hard time, take a moment to identify either the time of day or maybe the temptation or the excuse for not exercising. You know what is going on with yourself so work on solvng the problem, but give yourself a break too. At least you are trying!


Kristen's Raw said...

One of my favorite treats that always fixes my sweet tooth: DATES! I love big, soft, plump medjool dates. They're delicious!!! Talk about "Nature's Candy." Yum!

I order mine from but you can get them at Whole Foods Markets as well (and many other places). I like the price of Sun Organic... as you buy more in pounds, the price goes down.

I actually purchase a number of things from them (organic nuts, seeds, grains, etc). I buy in bulk, store in glass mason jars in my freezer :) Sometimes my mom and I buy together, increasing our bulk purchase (decreasing the price).


Shannan and Karla said...

Thanks Kristen. I am going to try some dates. Sugar truly is my downfall.


Shannan and Karla said...

I tried some dates in a smoothie yesterday and I can't believe how sweet they make the smoothie. The kids thought their mom had gone crazy giving them something that sweet!


marlyse said...

Hi Karla,
This is my first blog I've ever "blogged" on. I will try the Dates in the smoothie. Also, they say if you put or eat a little bit of barley that will help maitain sugar levels throughout the day. That will be going into my smoothie too.

Shannan and Karla said...

Hi Marlyse! Thanks so much for reading our blog and posting a comment! I've never tried putting barley in my smoothies. Let me know how it goes!


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