Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Delicious Raw Juice Recipes

In the last month or so I've decided to step up my juicing. I want to get as many vitamins and minerals to my developing baby as possible and fresh, raw juice is one of the best avenues. Plus raw juice has beneficial enzymes that help assimilate all those nutrients without adding more stress on my body or the baby's. Increasing the amount of fresh raw juice I drink has been a life-saver in another area as well. It has given me so much energy throughout the day. When I'm tired a glass of raw juice can get me re-energized in no time to complete whatever crazy stuff is going on and my schedule does seem to be a little nuts right now. I would recommend lots of raw juice to anyone, but especially if you are experiencing a time of stress or fatigue. Below are some of my new favorite combinations. For more reading on the topic, check out a couple of Shannan's previous posts here and here. Remember that variety is truly the spice of life especially in nutrition and juicing. Using a wide variety of vegetables and fruits will expose you to the widest range of minerals and vitamins.

Strawberry, apple and pear juice
1 cup strawberries, hulls removed
1 Granny Smith apple
3 small ripe pears, stalks removed
1 head of favorite lettuce, vary each time

Process strawberries, apple and pears through juicer and serve.

Peach, grapefruit and apple juice
2 large peaches, halved and seeds removed
2 grapefruits, peeled
1 small apple
1 head of favorite lettuce, vary each time

Process the peaches, grapefruit and apple through juicer and serve.

Apple, carrot and celery juice
Alter the amounts of either the carrots or apple to make the juice sweeter or savory to suit your taste buds:
4 small Granny Smith apples
3 medium sized carrots
4 sticks celery
1 head of favorite lettuce, vary each time

Process the apples, carrots and celery through juicer, mix well and serve.

Tomato, cucumber, parsley and carrot juice
3 medium tomatoes
1 large cucumber, peeled, if desired
1 large bunch of fresh parsley
3 medium carrots
1 head of favorite lettuce, vary each time

Process tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and carrots and serve.

Enjoy! Please feel free to share some of your favorite juicing recipes in the comments section.



Hanlie said...

You're right, juices are great for energy and vitality! I'm sure your baby is loving it!

Fred said...

I'm new at this. What do you do with the lettuce?

VeganJenni said...

The apple, celery & carrot is WONDERFUL!! I added half a lime and a knuckle of ginger to this combination for a little more zing.

VeganMama said...

My favorite raw juice recipe is 2 green apples, 1 bunch of kale, 1 lemon, 4 carrots, and 1 good size knob of ginger. So yummy!

In The Middle said...

Just started following y'all! Loving the blog!

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Hi Karla~ I found you through a Pinterest board for BlendTech and I was wondering if these recipes need to go through a traditional juicer or if you've ever tried a BlendTech?

Living A Whole Life said...

Hi Holly!

I've never used these recipes with a Blendtech, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't work with most juicers!


Anonymous said...

What do you do with the lettuce? It doesn't say it's processed with the other stuff.

Living A Whole Life said...

Veggiev - you send the lettuce through the juicer just like the other veggies and fruits.

Happy juicing!


John - Louisville, KY said...

This is my daily default raw juice. Sometime I use blueberries,cauliflower brocilli,strawberries,pinapple and other substitutes, but this is the tried and true. Everything is organic. The # 1priority is vitamins, enzymes and nutritional value, not taste. Although I do like the taste but not everyone will.

4 carrots
1 apple
2 cups kale
1 cup spinich
juice of 1 lemon
3-4 celery salks
1 teaspoon apple vinegar
small slice of fresh ginger root
2 cups parsley

Dee said...

I started juicing 4 wks ago and in 10 days I had lost 9.5 pounds - I have overall lost 15 pounds and feel GREAT - my doctor was so impressed today and my cholosterol is under 200 and so no more meds for me...MORE energy, weight loss so many benefits,I am very pleased and excited. My husband was so impressed he bought me a Brevell juice fountain. Your recipies look good and easy. I've only been juicing the Mean Green with some variations, want to make sure I get the right amount of nutrients. I'm excited to follow your site

Living A Whole Life said...

Way to go Dee! Keep up the great work!

DSimms said...

Do you juice the greens first? and then add the veggies/fruits. I have a Jack Lalane juicer and they recommend sending the greens in first for some reason. Just wondering if with other juicers if this is necessary.

Living A Whole Life said...

I usually juice the greens last, but I can see the benefit of juicing them first...probably some of the other veggies and fruit push more of the greens through. I'm sure you get great benefits either way though so do whatever works best for you!


Penni said...

Do I need to use only organically grown fruits and veggies?

Living A Whole Life said...

Penni - that is totally up to you. Many prefer only organic as the pesticides and other toxins will be transferred in the juice. If your budget doesn't allow all organic though, there is still benefits to juicing and it shouldn't prohibit you from trying it!


Anonymous said...

What is the avg yield of each recipe?
(8oz - 16oz - 24oz)

Living A Whole Life said...

Anonymous - it depends on the fruit but closer to 24 ounces usually.

Anonymous said...

24oz is good. Why is Kale vs. other leafy veg's used so often in various recipes? My Wife and I start our 10 day Juice Fast tomorrow with Apple, Carrot and Celery Juice. We both are very excited and looking forward to all the benefits of Juicing ( weight loss, restful sleep, increased energy, improved overall health, etc....)

Living A Whole Life said...

Kale is just one of the more nutrient dense leaf lettuces to choose. A variety of dark green or red leafy lettuces (including kale) is good when juicing or in smoothies.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, I am going to try your recipes! :-)

healthy momma said...

I am very new to this whole juicing thing (we should be getting our juicer tomorrow). I am pregnant and due within the next month, I already have 2 children, an 8 year old and 15 month old, and my husband has chrons and a gluten intolerance. I am interested in finding some recipes that would be beneficial to all of us, and hopefully taste good enough that the kids will drink them too. I also plan on breastfeeding so nutrition/hydration and some baby weight loss would be important to me as well. Any specific recipes I should try or certain sites/recipe books I should find? Thanks

Karla Heaman said...

Being a busy mom as well - I find most of my info in blogs and recipe sites. My favorite lately for raw juice recipes is the site for the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. They have a really nice variety juice recipes. I also like recipes from the Forks over Knives site as well!

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