Friday, September 11, 2009

Steam Distilled Water

There is much debate out there on which kind of drinking water is the safest and best. Some will tell you that any water is fine or something as simple as a Brita pitcher can filter your water and meet your needs. Still others would have you spending a thousand or more for a sophisticated home water filtration system in order to get pure drinking water. I've always been a little confused by the debate and wondered who is really right. It is an important debate after all. Water plays such an important part in our health as it makes up about 2/3rds of our body chemistry; carries nutrients to our cells; and flushes wastes from them.

I read an interesting bit of information in my latest text Biologic Ionization As Applied to Human Nutrition by Dr. Alexander Beddoe. He is an advocate of drinking steam distilled water. I am by no means trying to settle the "what kind of water to drink" debate, but thought I would pass along this information to you as an interesting point of view and something to consider.

Dr. Beddoe advocates for drinking distilled water as the best choice to change and maintain the proper body chemistry. This is true for several reasons.

  1. The process of distillation makes the water higher in energy. As the water vaporizes into steam it leaves behind the inorganic mineral that was held in the water molecules in the liquid state. This means that the energy it took to hold the inorganic mineral is now freed up; and, this results in the water molecule having a lower surface tension and becoming polarized. It is also higher in energy because the heat of vaporization was added to accomplish the boiling and vaporization of raw water. This energy is not all lost when the steam is cooled.

  2. Water like food has to be converted in the into the the frequency of the body in the liver. Because distilled water is already higher energy it can be converted much easier with less load on the liver.

  3. Because of the higher energy and polarization, distilled water can move through the membranes of the human body much easier than other types of water. This means that is is able to help remove and control the toxic waste substances, including the waste salts of body metabolism.

Sorry, I know that was a little technical, but important to understand. If we need water to flush out our bodies it make sense to drink the water that is best suited to accomplish this with the least burden on our body. Remember though, it's important to drink enough water of any kind daily. If steam distilled water is an option for you, give it a try. I know there are home water distillation kits out there, but you can also purchase distilled water from the grocery store when needed.



Hanlie said...

The water debate had me very anxious for a while... but eventually, having discovered that our municipal water is fluoride-free, I've opted for the low-tech Brita filter. What I would like though is a shower filter! said...

Hanlie and Karla, the best shower filter on the market that I have found is the Showerwise by Waterwise. It is found at I have them in my bathrooms as do all of my relatives. It removes 95% Chlorine and most types of bacteria. Hope this info is helpful.
As for a distiller, for distilled water, that is how I found the showerwise. Waterwise has been in business a long time, I have the largest distiller and a countertop one for travel. They have great customer service and great specials. I always recommend my friends to call direct and ask if they have any specials, that way you get it direct from them and not some middle man.

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