Monday, September 14, 2009

Keeping Produce Fresh

I just finished cleaning out my refridgerator and unfortunately had to throw out quite a bit of unused produce. Here are some guidelines on how long produce should last if stored properly.

Raw fruits are safe at room temperature, but after ripening, will mold and rot quickly. For best quality, store ripe fruit in the refrigerator or prepare and freeze.This chart assumes that you are buying your fruit in a retail store.

Shelf life will increase dramatically if you are able to buy your produce directly from the source. For example, assuming you have the proper storage area and are able to buy your apples during harvest, than they will easily last for 6 month or longer.

Apples/1-2 days/3 weeks/Cooked, 8 months
Apricots/Until ripe/2-3 days/Halves, 8 months
Avocados/Until ripe/3-4 days/No
Bananas/Until ripe/2 days, skin will blacken/Whole peeled, 1 month
Berries, cherries/No/1-2 days/4 months
Citrus fruit/10 days/1-2 weeks/No
Coconuts/1 week/2-3 weeks/Shredded, 6 months
Grapes/1 day/1 week/Whole, 1 month
Kiwi /Until ripe/3-4 days/No
Melons/1-2 days/3-4 days/Balls, 1 month
Papaya, mango/3-5 days/1 week/Sliced, 8 months
Peaches, nectarines/Until ripe/3-4 days/Sliced, 8 months
Pears/3-5 days/3-4 days/No
Plums/3-5 days/3-4 days/Halves, 8 months

Vegetables/Shelf/Raw, refrigerated/Blanched, cooked, frozen
Artichokes, whole/1-2 days/1-2 weeks/No
Asparagus/No/3-4 days/8 months
Beans, green or wax/No/3-4 days/8 months
Beets/1 day/7-10 days/6-8 months
Cabbage/No/1-2 weeks/10-12 months
Carrots, parsnips/No/2 weeks/10-12 months
Celery/No/1-2 weeks/10-12 months
Cucumber/No/4-5 days/No
Eggplant/1 day/3-4 days/6-8 months
Garlic, ginger root/2 days/1-2 weeks/1 month
Greens/No/1-2 days/10-12 months
Herbs, fresh/No/7-10 days/1-2 months
Leeks/No/1-2 weeks/10-12 months
Lettuce, iceberg/No/1-2 weeks/No
Lettuce, leaf/No/3-7days/No
Mushrooms/No/2-3 days/10-12 months
Okra/No /2-3 days/10-12 months
Onions, dry/2-3 weeks/2 months/10-12 months
Spring or green/No/1-2 weeks
Peppers, bell or chili/No/4-5 days/6-8 months
Potatoes/1-2 months/1-2 weeks/Cooked and mashed 10-12 months
Rutabagas/1 week/2 weeks/8-10 months
Spinach/No/1-2 days/10-12 months
Squash, summer/No/4-5 days/10-12 months
Squash, winter/1 week/2 weeks
Turnips/No/2 weeks/8-10 months
Tomatoes/Until ripe/2-3 days/2 months

Hope this helps,

Source: pantrywiz

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Hey!! Awesome post! As per usual. This will help loads! :)

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