Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I think I am writing this post more for myself today than anyone else...well not really, I hope there is somebody out there feeling the same way and maybe I can help. :)

I have written posts in the past about changing your eating habits and adopting a healthier whole foods and even more Raw approach to eating. This I truly believe in so I am here to say that we all get off track. Today, I am recommitting to the healthy eating habits I believe in and that make me feel good.

After over a week of having my husband home on vacation, working in the yard (finally got our backyard landscaped the way we wanted it) and a mini-vacation which included tons of eating out, I am ready to feel healthy and vibrant instead of tired and sluggish. I can truly tell the difference when I am not eating right. My husband even expressed his love for our home-cooked/grilled meals in the midst of our weekend in the city.

You would think that summer would automatically lend itself to healthy, fresh and even Raw eating, but the lack of routine throws me off. As of today, I am recommitting to my green smoothies, green juice, healthy homemade meals and yummy granola.

In a few days, I know my energy will have increased and I will simply feel lighter, both physically and mentally. So what is on the agenda today?
  • One large strawberry-banana smoothie for breakfast

  • A trip out to the farm to pick up my CSA veggies

  • A trip to Whole Foods for more bulk seeds and oats to make a huge batch of granola

  • Plan the menu for this week's dinners

  • A nice long run to clear the mind

I hope you have a healthy and happy week!

- Shannan

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Hanlie said...

Good luck Shannan! You're right, a break in routine can really throw one off, but I have no doubt that you'll be back on track in no time.

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