Friday, July 3, 2009

The Value of Organics

Do you ever ask yourself if it's worth it to purchase organic. I know I take a lot of good natured teasing about choosing food that is a little more expensive than conventionally grown. Here is an excellent essay by Dr. Alan Greene that may help you decide if it's really worth it or not. I thoroughly enjoyed his insight. As a physician, father, and husband of a breast cancer survivor he has a very unique insight and perspective. Take a few minutes to read. In the mean time - here are a few interesting facts you may be unaware of...

  • Did you know that farmers who use pesticides have a much higher incidence of leukemia's, lymphomas, myelomas, brain cancers, cancers of the lips, stomach, skin and prostate.

  • The children of farmers who use pesticides have a much higher incidence of leukemia, reproductive tumors, brain, kidney and bone cancers.

  • Children who ate conventionally grown vegetables had a urine pesticide level that was 9 times higher than those children who ate mainly organically grown fruits and vegetables.

  • Antioxidant levels are an average of 30% higher in organically grown produce. For the value, maybe they aren't really all that more expensive.


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