Monday, July 20, 2009

Healthy Dining Finder

Regardless of how healthy we are at home, most of us are faced with a meal out at least every now and then. And aside from a lack of information on a restaurant menu like how much fat and salt they are using, it is really easy to be swayed by delicious sounding specials or appetizing pictures. Perhaps it would be easier to make your decisions about where to eat and what to eat before you get to the restaurant.

There is a great site called Healthy Dining Finder which allows you to punch in your zip code and a price range to find healthy restaurant options. What I like most is that they not only name the restaurant but most times suggest a healthy entree. This way you could have your mind made up before you even get there, thus avoiding temptation.

The Healthy Dining Program has been around since the early '90s and is run by health professionals, researchers and registered dieticians. The Healthy Dining Finder website was launched in 2007. Restaurants featured on this site - from the nation’s largest chains to small independents, from fast food to upscale dining have joined the Healthy Dining Program because they have a sincere interest in offering their customers healthier choices.

In addition to finding healthier dining choices, the Healthy Dining Finder houses a wealth of nutritional information including a blog that explores a specific subject like whole grains for example and then gives some restaurant and meal suggestions to address that subject. Take some time to check out all of the info.

So your family is like mine and enjoys a break from cooking and cleaning up each week, the Healthy Dining Finder can help keep you stay on track away from home.

- Shannan

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