Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back, a New Herbal Tea, and Some Fun News

Hello all! I am back from the Outer Banks. We had a fabulous vacation with family and friends. I just love the ocean and there you are literally surrounded by it! I'm already planning and looking forward to going back next year!

I wanted to share a really great new herbal tea with you all. It's a Nourishment Tea from Aviva Romm's book The Natural Pregnancy Book. It has so many great herbs in it. Here is how you make it

2 parts red raspberry leaf

2 parts nettle

1 part oat straw

1/2 part alfalfa

1/2 part rose hips

1/4 part red clover

1/4 part spearmint leaf

Mix all the dried herbs together and store in an air tight container away from heat and light. You can then prepare a tea or a decoction from the herbs. Aviva recommends steeping for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 2 hours. You can drink 1 to 4 cups of this tea daily.

Why is this particular blend of tea so great? Check out all the benefits in one cup of tea...

  • Red Raspberry Leaf - very rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron. It contains fragarine which is thought to tone and strengthen uterine muscles.

  • Nettle - Also very high in vitamins and minerals. This herb promotes good kidney function and also prevents hemorrhaging and anemia.

  • Oat straw - very rich in calcium and magnesium. This herb promotes relaxed nerves, healthy muscle functioning, and prevents insomnia and cramps.

  • Alfalfa - This lowly herb often grown only for a cover crop has phenomenal nutritive value. It has a high count of protein, Vitamin A, D, E, B6, and K. Minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, trace minerals and digestive enzymes. It is a great source of chlorophyll and is high in carotene's.

  • Rose Hips - A very good source of Vitamin C.

  • Red Clover - Great blood purifier. Check out a recent post on this one.

  • Spearmint Leaf - also a great source of Vitamin C.

(By the way, I purchased all these herbs for this mix from Mountain Rose Herbs. I really love their stuff!)

The Fun News... Anyone wondering why I'm drinking a tea recommended for pregnant mothers? We are expecting another little one this coming February. I'm 10 weeks along now. I'm so excited and nervous. This will be #3. There was a time in my life when I didn't imagine that I would have children and now to be looking toward a third is both exciting and daunting.

So, do any of you have any tips or advice for holistic pregnancies you would like to share? Love to hear from you!



Hanlie said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

I have red clover, raspberry leaf and nettle, so I must just get the others. This sounds delicious!

Ruth Rogers said...

Congrats on the little one on the way. How exciting. Love the post... very informative

Living A Whole Life said...

Hi Hanlie! I figured you might like this tea recipe!

Hi Ruth and thanks! Good to see you here and I just enjoyed perusing your blog!


Andrea Stevens said...

Congratulations Karla! I think there's a baby boom going on in our HMN group ; )
I've been drinking RRL and nettles, so I'll have to pick up the other herbs too. Did this my last two pregnancies and everything went quite well! Congrats again!

Living A Whole Life said...

Thanks Andrea! I know - there are a ton of expecting mommies in the HMN group!


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