Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snacks that Travel

Sorry, but this is going to be my shortest post ever. We are literally packing up the car and heading out for the weekend as soon as I finish writing this.

With a five hour car ride ahead of us and two continuously snacking five-year-olds in tow, I thought I would run through our list of munchies for the ride. Rather than picking up a bunch of prepackaged snack foods which on the surface may seem more convenient, I have chosen some quick and easy fresh (whole) foods.

Carrot sticks
Sliced Red Pepper
Cheese and crackers
We also packed some granola bars and graham crackers as a treat.

I have filled reusable bottles with water for each of us. As far as I am concerned carbonated, sugary and caffenated drinks only make a car ride more uncomfortable and who needs all the calories and artificial stuff anyway!

So here we go, the car is packed and we are ready for some fun. Have a great weekend!

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